Thank You

Dear Parents

I would like to thank all of my pupils and parents who were able to support our Dance Demonstration at Lanchester Community Centre on 17th March, 2018

It was total chaos which I thought it might be, due to the lack of rehearsal time with different centres coming together on the day, but all the children danced so well under the chaotic surroundings, and we have had lovely feedback from many people who were able to give us their support.

I would especially like to thank all of our younger pupils who danced so well in difficult surroundings along with other young children  who they had never seen or met before, and well done to the more experienced girls who were able to ‘Showcase’ some of the work we offer in the our schools

My grateful thanks also goes to Miss Sara and Miss Lucy for their help on the day, their unstinting class work and the support they both continually show toward me.

Many thanks to you all.

Miss Pauline


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